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"Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50.", Edgar Degas.

Having worked as an Administrative Assistant for many years, when the time came that generation below, acquired skills in high school that I did not possess.  It became apparent that it was time to return to academia to update skills, and nail down a profession.  I found myself, back at the beginning, with life skills in tow.

Eager to begin the journey at 18, I enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh right after high school in Visual Communications, I find myself again as a student, at the same institution in the Web Design and Interactive Media degree plan.  They also have witnessed the growth of the internet and the effect on modern media, and tailored a degree plan to fit this addition to the communications genre. I arrive more focused, and with the full understanding that this area is the perfect fit for me.

I never lost the love of art and graphic design and used that sense in many PowerPoint presentations over the years, and also, when the mail merge in Microsoft Word produced the required mailing, the sense of satisfaction was just as appealing.  The use of the data driven webpage, enhanced with graphic presentation, sent me to attend classes at the Dallas Community College for Computer Information Technology, there I acquired the Adobe Suite skills, to add to the Microsoft Suite.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to produce a complete, viable, and marketable design for your company or event.

Art is ...

the arrangement,

of the tangible,

and the intangible,


to produce an emotion

to its audience.